Flying to Buffalo

I flew to Buffalo today. Buffalo, Minnesota that is and not Buffalo, New York. It was cold, only 2 or so above freezing and a bit hazy. Clothing worn for this event: one sweatshirt, one long sleeve t-shirt, long underwear under jeans, winter jacket, hat, mittens, and boots. Extra items carried (besides the flight bag with 101 items and my purse): one extra pair of socks and extra gloves, water, extra headset- trying out the new used David Clarke headset. The extra socks and gloves were in case of a unexpected landing (in a frozen lake or swamp), because its winter and you just never know.

The Buffalo Airport is small and they only have one runway. There are a few snow covered hangers, a lumberyard right next to the airport (yes, I know…weird), snow covered airplanes (poor little things), and that’s about it. We were running out of time and it was too cold to get out of the airplane to get a stamp in my Minnesota Department of Transpiration Airport Passport, but next time.

FYI…I had to lighten these photos, as it was too cloudy and dark outside to see things clearly. Photos taken from inside Sundowner (Instructor Cheryl took the controls, so no, I was not taking photos and flying the plane at the same time).