“The Most Dangerous Man in America”

Yes, that is right, I went to see the Benjamin Franklin exhibit at the Minnesota History Center today. “Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World” is a pretty good exhibit. Its one of a few touring the past few years in celebration of Ben’s 300th Birthday! Ben is one of my favorite “founding fathers” and I love how he was considered by the British as “The Most Dangerous Man in America” (which is also the title of a pretty good biography on him). The exhibit includes his chess set (yes, Ben was a huge chess fan), his armonica (a glass harmonica that he invented), books owned by him, books that he published, etc. There are also many computers displays and other things that kids can touch and enjoy, and it was cute that they included the squirrel. I was hoping to purchase the Benjamin Franklin Bobblehead, but they were out. FYI…no photos were allowed inside the exhibit (but I really could not help myself…Its Ben and I had to get a photo of the chess set), which is why my photos are a bit bad.