Finally Friday!

9-10 Lecture ‘Ethiopian Manuscripts’ by Getatchew Haile
1030-1130 Lecture ‘Future of Manuscript Studies’ by Theresa Vann
1-3 Group photo, wrap-up and workshop evaluation

Today was the last day of Manuscript Camp. So it was a busy morning packing. The Ethiopian Manuscript talk was really interesting and we were able to see a few more manuscripts and scrolls from Ethiopia after it was over. After the group photo I stopped at the Pottery Workshop to get a cup for a friend and then I started my 1 1/2 hour trip home. But there is no rest for the wicked and next I was off to supper at Kelley and Marc’s house (they were grilling, even though it was a bit cold outside). I have known Kelley for years and years and they have a lovely house on a lake and a house full of kids (ok, there were only 2 kids there for supper, but they were loud, cute but loud). Then after that I was off to Kinko’s to pick up the bound copies of my MA paper. The Art History department requires 4 bound copies! One for the Department, one for my adviser and 2 for the library. So when all is said and done I ended up writing a MA paper which cost $70.97 to print!

Below are a few photos I stealthy snapped with my iPhone of the St. John’s Bible.