The Cessna

Today I flew the Cessna 172!

I was suppose to fly at 2pm with Instructor Bill (Instructor Cheryl is in China), but the club member who had the Sundowner did not return it on time. He was 2 1/2 hours late! So Bill suggested we fly the Cessna.

I had never flown the Cessna 172 before, so I was not use to the weight-its really light, the odd little noises that it makes, how it flies, lands, turns, etc. Also the Sundower is a low wing and the Cessna is a high wing, so the view outside is all different. The Sundowner is heavy and slow. Its like driving your grandparents Cadillac. The Cessna is peppy and just goes (and it wants to go right now).

So we did some landings and pattern work. There was a little swearing on my part, lots of laughing (which is always good), and I had a good time (the most important part).