Stopping at Osceola

We were not planning on stopping and getting out of the airplane today, but the weather had other ideas. Today’s flight started out normal, I was flying towards the Osceola, WI airport. The visibility was a bit poor, but we (Instructor Cheryl and I in the Sundowner) were still in VFR flying. So we flew on to Osceola and landed, but as we were getting ready to takeoff we listened to the weather and learned that the visibility was really low, plus now it was snowing. It was no longer VFR flying. Not good. So we parked the Sundowner and went inside Osceola AeroSport FBO Cheryl knew the owner Dick and another pilot Woody, who were super nice and let us look at the weather on their computer and offered us hot coco, as Cheryl filed a flight plan to fly us IFR back to Anoka. As Cheryl flew us back, I had my first flight as a ‘passenger’ in the Sundowner (FYI…its much more fun to be the pilot!). As soon as we crossed the boarder into Minnesota the weather started to clear and a little while later the sun came out. Weird weather!