Stolen food

So tonight I went out during my lunch break to the Tea Garden. Its a local restaurant over on the East Bank (in Minneapolis) which has these great bubble teas. My favorite is strawberry with the pearls. Tonight I tried strawberry and pineapple with the pearls. They have a ton of different flavors in a variety of tea drinks (hot, cold, bubbled, etc). But tonight I also wanted to try some of their pastries (which look wonderful, but are a bit on the pricey side), so I got their mini-mango cheesecake and a marshmallow brownie. I got my food, went back to work and put the the pastries in the fridge (wrapped and tied up in a white plastic bag), put my initials and the date on it and put it in this little fridge we have in the back. 4 1/2 hours later, I am getting ready to leave and guess what? Yes, my food was stolen…STOLEN!!! I was so upset. Hello…who steals food from their co-worker (or possible supervisor)? I looked everywhere, even went up to the other fridge and nothing. I quizzed one of my student workers, security and even the cleaning dude and nothing! Gone, plus $7.00 down the drain. I was saving them to eat tonight when I watched one of the final episodes of ‘Men in Trees’ and the other I was going to eat when I got home and watched the season finale of ‘Lost’ tomorrow night. <sniffle…sniffle>

Well here are some photos (aka the ‘before stolen shots’)