Michelle and Ilyasse’s new furniture

Mom and I went to visit Michelle and Ilyasse today to take a look at their new furniture. Everything looks really nice and goes well together. Michelle, we love the ring!


  1. Tell your Mom I finally got to see the photos of the new furniture. I used to hang out with your Mom in the 60’s which makes me a geezer. Love your book lists – I have read 32 of your Great Books – not bad for am old PhysEd teacher. Also love British mysteries and movies. Recommend Foyle’s War from BBC. Great characters. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Jeanette,

    Back in the 60s? Too funny! According to the ‘Sex in the Cities’ ladies, 50 is the new 25!

    32 of the Great Books is great. I have never read Foyle’s War. I will have to check it out. Those BBC shows are always good.