Star Wars

The “Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination” exhibit has opened at the Science Museum of Minnesota!

Everyone knows what a huge Star Wars fan I am and even for non-fans (do such people exist? and if they do, do you really want to know them?) this exhibit is really good. Its very different from the one a few years ago in 2000 at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (“Star Wars: The Magic of Myth”). That was was more about the costumes, art and myth and this one is more about the science and imagination.

So tonight, me, the parents (Carole and Terry), and family friends Janet, her niece Angie and Angie’s friend Josh all went down for the Omni showing of “Special Effects” and then we had 9:30pm tickets for the exhibit. They had props from all 6 movies, including Luke’s landspeeder, costumes, lightsabers, Millennium Falcon models, Luke’s hand, Vader, Yoda, etc. They also had a gliding air chair you could drive, a droid show with C3PO, and the Millennium Falcon simulator (which costs an extra $3.00, but you get to sit in the cockpit and you receive a souvenir pin after its over).

Here are a few photos (check out my flickr account for more)