Star Wars is coming to town!

Star Wars is coming to the Science Museum of Minnesota and I have tickets!! I just purchased them last night, because I am a member and was on the special email list, I got tickets to the exhibit and the Omni show ‘Special Effects’ all for $8.00 (plus $1.00 for handling, so grand total of $9.00). The exhibit includes Luke’s landspeeder, Yoda and Vader’s helmet. It reminds me of the exhibit the MIA had a few years ago and that was excellent. So I think that this will be a good show. But then how could it not, its STAR WARS! (Star Wars plus a new Indy movie, ahhh life is good)!

Here is the blurb from the museum’s website “Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination is an exciting exhibition featuring more than 80 costumes, models and props from all six Star Wars films that invites visitors to defy gravity, manipulate robots, engineer droids, and journey into that galaxy far, far away that has captivated audiences for more than 30 years.”