Shaggy’s the sequel!

Last night we ventured out to Shaggy’s again. You seen Shaggy’s is cursed! Yes, cursed! Last year 6 of us new PhD students when to Shaggy’s and shortly thereafter people slowly dropped out of the program. First went Megan, then Randy, Pepe, and finally Jane. Jane came back, as she was only taking a break, but the others did not. It was very sad. It seemed as if only Madeline and I had escaped the curse of Shaggy’s. Since that time we had not been back, but we had been about going back in August when we are back in town for the Fall In-Person (my suggestion of bringing a new PhD student or two to appease the gods and move the curse away from us went over well with the group). But then last night Jane and John decided to go, figuring it was safe. Well, it kind of was. The curse went to John who kept spilling items (beer, margarita, etc), but the rest of us were safe and we all had a lovely time eating, drinking, and listing to Jimmy Buffett songs.