No Fly day

Sadly it was a no fly day, but it did not start out that way. It was a little cold, but not too cold. A little gray and overcast, but not too gray and overcast. But we were set to fly anyways.

Then as I was climbing up on the wing, getting into the airplane, I slipped and fell backwards. Landing right on my ass! Luckily, I was in my thick winter jacket, had on layers of clothing, and there was snow on the runway, so I was not hurt. Well, just my pride as I was a bit embarrassed. Then Instructor Cheryl and I were in the Sundowner and all ready to go and I could not get it to start. We tried a number of things to get the airplane to start, but it was a no go and in the end we probably ended up flooding it. We are not to sure why it would not start, as it was not that cold out and it lives a warm hanger. But it was dripping gas as we wheeled it back in. Below is a photo of the aviation gas on the snowy taxiway (and not the bloody evidence of a Smurf’s murder).