My book (well…kind of my book) was published, kind of…

So the book “Thinking Outside the Book: Essays for Innovative Librarians” in which I co-authored 3 articles/chapters was published (Well…kind of).

Back in the fall of 2007 I originally placed my order with for a copy (I will eventually receive a free copy from the editor, but I cannot wait that long…I want it now!). Then finally the date of publication arrived! So I waited and watched my email and the mail, but it never arrived. On Tuesday the book was listed as ‘Pre-order this item today’ and today is listed as ‘not in stock’ at Strangely it was never listed as available with (but has it listed as available). So I emailed the publisher and received this response:

“Thank you for your email. Thinking Outside the Book by Smallwood was published on May 30, 2008. We are already temporarily out of stock with a scheduled reprint due date of June 15, 2008.”

Apparently the book was so good that it just flew off the shelves in 6 days! Haha. I think the run was so small that after sending out review copies they just ran out. So I ended up ordering a copy from We will see if it ever arrives!

The whole publication process I have found is a bit longer and odder then I originally believed. The book has gone through name changes, publisher changes and publication date changes. I wonder how many other changes I will see once its in my hand? hmmm…

But for only $45.00 you too can order your own copy or better yet, request it from your local library!