Mother’s Day Saturday

It was a very long week. After finally escaping Mississippi on Monday, I was at a library conference on Tuesday. It was the annual Enhancing Quality Staff (EQS): In Changing Times Day Conference, which is for U of MN library staff and others in the library community. Its always a fun day and I enjoy going. This year I attended the talks: “The Forensic Examination of Documents Today: 2011” by Karen S. Runyon, “Book It! A Hands-on Binding Session” by Jeff Rathermel (where I got to build my own book! Which was really fun and I once again realized that 1. I cannot sew, 2. I have no skills in bookbinding, and 3. I have no arts and crafts skills), and the final talk I went to was “Speed Dating for Library Staff: Meet Your Favorite New Government Websites” by Kirsten Clark, Dru Frykberg, and Karla Gedell. Then at the very end of the day the Conference holds a raffle and I won! I won 2 free meals at Q. Cumbers restaurant.

Today we celebrated Mother’s Day! Mom, Michelle (aka the evil twin), and I went to Texas Roadhouse (which was insanely crowded) for an early supper. Their blooming onions are fabulous! Then we went to see Grandma in the nursing home/hospice and played some cards (Kings Corners in case you were wondering). I won 2 hands, Mom won 2, Grandma won 1, and Michelle also won 1 hand (I think she cheated).

Then later Wayne, a family friend, stopped by to drop off a stained glass airplane kaleidoscope he built for me (Wayne is an fantastic artist). I helped him build a website and he asked how much I wanted and I asked for a kaleidoscope airplane. The barter system is alive and well. Its beautiful. Thank you Wayne!