Marian Call concert

Tonight was the last of Marian Call’s Minnesota concerts. Marian is a independent folk singer, who I would say does not sing your traditional folk type of songs. According to her website and blog “Marian is a spunky independent singer-songwriter living in Anchorage, Alaska and touring the country writing and playing music. Her songs are acoustic folk funk with a twist of jazz, both heartfelt and humorous” ( and

She currently has two albums out Vanilla and my favorite Got to Fly, which was commissioned by Quantum Mechanix and which has a bunch of great songs inspired by Firefly/Serenity and Battlestar Galactica. The album she is currently working on has songs dealing with zombies, Jane Austen, and the International Space Station.

The concert was fantastic and she had a great turnout. Her tour includes visiting all 50 states, with Minnesota being state #2. If you can, I would highly recommend seeing her in one of the other 48 states over the next six months.

Any yes, she does play a typewriter and kazoo in her songs, as well as a rainmaker instrument!