Lunch with Grandma and the ponies

I had a lovely relaxing, but slightly busy Friday. First I went out to lunch with my Grandma. After the usual bickering of ‘Where do you want to go to eat,’ ‘I dont know, where do you want to go to eat,’ we settled on Culvers, one of her favorite places. Then it was back to her house for a couple hands of cards, which she won (now, she has been known to cheat. I know, shocking! She was once caught slipping an extra card to my cousin Stacey), but I found no sign of cheating today. I also took a look at her garden and its looking pretty bad due to the cold weather we have been having.

Later in the evening my mom and I went to watch the horses run at the local harnass racetrack. I love watching the ponies run and I won $3.30 on the first race (off of a $2.00 bet) and $15.00 on the second race (off a $2.00 bet)! After that I lost the rest of the night and my mom also lost, but we still had a good time and had some good food. The Fresh Tomato Bruschetta was wonderful and the Thai Chicken Salad was also good, but a bit spicy!


  1. Hi Margaret,

    Thank you for your comment. My family, friends and I love going out to Running Aces. We always have a great time (regardless if we win or not).

    Now if only you could extend the racing season and maybe get a few slot machines!


  2. Hi Melissa,

    Getting that woman to smile is like pulling teeth! She just did not want to smile. But she seemed to like my iPhone.