A very long Tuesday

I was up and out of the house early today, despite the rain (and later snow) because I had a Art Librarian meeting today at the Walker Art Center. The Walker is a great museum, but I had never visited the library until today. I loved the large bookshelves, the signage on the floor, and the collection is amazing. After the meeting was over we were given a tour of the new exhibit “Tex/Messages: Books by Artists.” The Walker has over 1,600 artists books in its Library collection and this exhibition includes a few of its more unique pieces which show the book as “medium, material and subject”. They had this great Salvador Dali ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and a boat made out of books by a Cuban artist Kcho (that’s the boat in the photo below).

Then I headed to downtown St. Paul to visit my sister’s two cats – Armani and Valentino (yes I know, I guess all the good names were taken). I believe that it is a universal truth that if you pull out a can opener in a house with a cat, the cat will come running. Both of the little furballs came running.

I also managed to take a few photos of some buildings in the rain. They turned out ok, considering I was using my iPhone. Then it was off to work. We were quite busy today, most likely due to the weather and midterms.


  1. Yes, two Persians. Actually the white one is Armani and he is older and the black one is Valentino. They are both under a year and have way too much hair.