Finally flying!

I was finally able to have a flying lesson this morning. The past few weeks there was no flying due to the holidays, maintenance, or various parts that needed to be fixed. But this morning was perfect for flying. Blue skies, sunny and warm. Well, as warm as 30+ degrees actually is.

Today I flew some traffic patterns and I finally got to talk to the airport tower. This is the first time I have talked to the tower and it went well. Pilots can get very nervous taking to the tower and I was a bit freaked out (I think they were laughing a bit when I first called, due to my stumbling over the words and the fact that Instructor Steve had just talked to them a few minutes earlier), plus I was trying to keep the helicopter level, with the right speed and altitude, plus looking for traffic, all at the same time. Really, its all about multitasking when you trying to fly a helicopter.

Below are some random photos I took today at the airport.