Jan’s Reception at City Hall

There was a good turnout for Cousin Jan’s reception today at the Minneapolis City Hall (which was sponsored by the Mayor’s Office Exhibition Program and the City of Minneapolis and Minneapolis Arts Commission), which showcased some of her wonderful paintings. Some of the relatives from Wisconsin every came (and the Minnesota ones too). Jan has been painting for over 8 years and calls her art ‘highly-textured’ because she layers on the oil paint. Actually all the layers on the paintings makes you want to touch them, but I was good and resisted (however at a different show my grandma could not resist and did touch them-she is quite the rebel). Great show Jan!

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  1. Melissa, you are my greatest promoter….thanks!

    I retrieved my art today over my lunch hour. I’m thrilled to have all of my ‘friends’ home again. I will return those that I’ve sold in a few days…I just want to bask in the joy of having everyone home for the holiday.

    Take care,