ISA Day #3

Friday! Its hard to keep track of what day it is when you are out of your routine. I was up early again (why can’t conferences start at a decent hour like 10am or 11am and then go until 10pm at night?) to attend the panel ‘Features and Development in Latin American Finance’ at 8:15am featuring two students from my PhD program Dave and Shawn (yes economics and finance before 10am…the horror…the horror). Their talk was ‘Banking Developments and Economic Growth: Most Effective Channel from Growth in Central American.’ They did a great job and even had a UFO photo in their PowerPoint! Haha. I told them that if they had also included a cat photo their presentation would have been perfect! I also attended two different talks on drones: ‘The Revolutionary Potential of Drones: Exaggerations, Hype or Hysteria?’ and ‘The Proliferation of Drones and the Changing Nature of Warfare.” Dinner was with friends at the Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant where I tried some calamari (first time ever and never again) and had gumbo soup (not as good as yesterday) and California Beach Fish Tacos (first time ever and pretty good).