This is Oprah’s final year! So what better way to celebrate than a trip to the Windy City to see her live and in person.

I had been thinking about going to see Oprah for the past few weeks and the other day my mother mentioned how she would like to see her and would I get us tickets. Like its that easy! NOT!!!

To get tickets you first need to wait until they open the reservation window. Its only open for a day, so you need to be prepared. Then when its open you sign up for the day and time that you want to attend. For October they had 16 shows (2 per day) open. I signed up for all 16 in October. Then you are put into a lottery. Then you wait and 24 hours after the reservation window closes  you receive an email telling you yes or no.

At 2AM this morning I received this email: “Great news! Your reservation request has been selected. Below is your reservation information…” How exciting is that! Next you have 48 hours to respond. When you originally sign up, you need to list the people who will be attending with you. So I signed up my mom, my mom’s friend Janet, myself, and my sister on a few of them (the evil twin did not want to miss work, but I signed her up for a few days anyways).

A little while after my email from Oprah arrived, my mom received this one: “Thank you for your interest in attending a taping of The Oprah Show. Unfortunately, we were unable to accommodate your request(s) for this reservation window.”

So then tonight I confirmed that ‘YES’ we would be attending and this new email sent from Oprah: “Reservation Registration Confirmation
Success. Thank you for confirming your reservation request for The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

I wonder what type of show we will be attending? Book Club? Celebrity? Free stuff? It really does not matter, but I hope its just not a sad show.