Dead Pool Party

Sadly I missed the annual Dead Pool Party (I had to work) on Saturday. It has turned into some fierce competition amongst my friends and family as we search far and near (and occasionally steal) the best names to put down on our lists. If you don’t know what Dead Pool’s are all about, try goggling it. Basically online and around the world people make lists of famous people they think are going to die in the coming year. Yes, its a bit morbid and tacky and some of my friends and family refuse to participate. But they are soo missing out! Its not about the prizes and bragging rights. Oh no, its about keeping up with current events and strategy. Besides we dont know anyone famous, so its all in good fun.

So besides having the Party to draft for the Draft board; food and prizes are also part of the fun. The Dead Pool Cup is annually awarded, a trivia game is held, and besides the little pool of moola given away other prizes are given out. This year I apparently won two spoons as two of my boards received no hits.

Congratulations to Derek for taking the top honors in 2008!

Update: photos by Carole. Sloane the cake looked great!

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  1. Enlarge the cake picture and you can see the names on the tomb stones………..very cute and very tasty !!