Flying to Cambridge

I flew to Cambridge this morning. Yes, it was cold. Very cold. It was also bright and beautiful, but it was zero degrees both at Anoka and at Cambridge. I had on three shirts, plus my winter jacket, long underwear, jeans and boots. Plus the hat, scarf, mittens, etc. It was a nice uneventful flight, Instructor Dave came along for the ride with Instructor Cheryl and me, and oh I lost the Cambridge airport. It was not where I expected it to be, but I did find it before I had to land. They have a 34 – 16 runway and you need to do a midfield crosswind traffic pattern- which is basically cutting across the runway and doing a kind of figure eight to get into the correct place to land. But it all worked out. So no worries!

This past summer I flew to Cambridge and got a stamp for my MN Airport passport book, so luckily I did not need one this time and it was way too cold to get out of the airplane. So no photos of the snowy and icy runway at Cambridge.