Did you Vote?

The Primaries are today. Did you vote? I did my civic duty and voted at 10am this morning. I was #21 to enter in my ballot (I was the only voter in the polling room, how sad is that). No hanging chads in my city…you color in the dot on the ballot for the person you want. Out of a city of 2000+ people thats a pretty low turnout .

Now I am a life long voter. I love to vote. As my grandpa use to say “if you don’t vote you can’t complain!” Very true. I also love to vote because women have been denied the vote for so long, so every women should take advantage and vote- even in the Primaries. I always think that the Primaries are no fun because you have to vote along party lines and I just hate that. I want to vote for the person and not the party.

Well just one baby step closer the big deal in November!

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  1. Congradulations for voting !! It’s to bad we don’t have more women like you that “make” time to vote. Its the future of all of us but so many are just plain LAZY. You are a good person and concerned citizen. TO bad we don’t have more of you !!