Death Clock

So when will you die? Well, baring being hit by a meteor or eaten by wolves (you just never know, weirder things have happened) my Personal Day of Death will be Friday August 28, 2065 and apparently I have 1,785,552,756 seconds left to live. 2065 sounds like a good year and I would be in my 90s so not a bad age to kick the bucket, despite the fact that I have always wanted to live to be 100+. I have always believed that anything less then 100 years is not getting your moneys worth!

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  1. Your happy response to my *creepy* response reminds me of the Monty Pythonn song…Always look on the bright side of life…whistling here…

  2. haha…well you’ve known me long enough to know what a warped since of humor I have…whistling here…