Local brush with the rich and famous

So my friend Susan, who I have know for years and years, had a brush with the rich and famous last week. She sent me an email telling her story (along with a very funny PDF created by DW, a co-worker of Alain-Susan’s significant other, but I could not modify the PDF to protect the innocent and guilty, so I could not attache it. Sorry). I found her story hysterically funny and asked if I could post it to the blog. I have changed the names of the innocent and guilty per Susan’s request. So now its funny, but not hysterically funny. Sorry about that. The hysterically funny part came from knowing who the rich and famous were.

Susan’s story:

Monday, I was driving on [Melissa’s note: lets call the street Paris. Its as good as any name] Avenue and there was a pug (dog) in the middle of the road. I almost hit him. So, I pulled over and parked in a no parking area, went back and picked up the dog. He didn’t have any identification, but was well groomed and very friendly. [Melissa’s note: lets call the dog Jimmy. Susan said he was a cute little peanut].

A neighbor noticed I was parked where I should not have parked. I asked if he was the owner of the dog [named Jimmy]. No, he said he wasn’t. It was Hannibal Hamlin Jr.’s dog (the son of the former Vice President of the U.S.A.). [Melissa’s note: Hannibal Hamlin was our VP under good old Abe Lincoln. Both Hannibal and Hannibal Jr. have been dead over 100+ so its not them, their house or their dog]. The man said, “you’d think they would learn. They’ve had two dogs killed on [Paris] Avenue, but their fence is bad.” He told me he saw Someone go in the house and I should go through the gate and in the home to return the dog.

Who knew it would be so strange? Carrying this handsome dog [named Jimmy] in my arms, I got the white picket fence gate open, but there was bramble covering the pathway. I made it to the door without a scratch. I knocked several times. The door opened up on its own, so I walked in. Make sure you lock your doors. [Melissa’s note: Good advice for anyone. Always lock your doors and also don’t forget to spay and neuter your furry little family members. Really, this is NOT rocket science people. Sorry, lets return to Susan’s story].

I shouted “hello” repeatedly. Finally someone from somewhere in the house answered.

“I almost ran over your dog in the middle of [Paris] Avenue”. The answer that came back from within the house was “Thanks for not killing the dog.”

“I think it is your dog. Do you want to check?”

The voice said, “I’ll be up in a minute.”

A teenage boy (I guess [Hannibal, Jr.]) came up to me and took the dog [named Jimmy]. He didn’t say thank you ; just walked away with the pug [named Jimmy].

Left in the foyer, I thought, the [Hamlin’s] should not have a dog [named Jimmy], especially one so nice. And then I thought, hell, I could just take anything here and walk out.

Of course, I did neither — but I was steaming mad about the dog [named Jimmy] being out without tags.

Hope you find it as humorous as I did.