Carole’s Hot Air Balloon Ride

This year for my Mom’s birthday gift, I (along with my sister Michelle and Che the cat too) decided to get her a hot air balloon ride. Mom has always wanted to go in one and this year I decided that it was time. So I found a great place in Stillwater called Aamodt’s Hot Air Balloon Rides (they also own a apple orchard and winery).

The past two weeks her flight was canceled due to high winds, but today Mom and family friend Zena were finally able to go. It was a beautiful warm fall day (the fall colors have just peeked, but the trees and their color were still looking good). Mom said they had a great time. At one point they were up at 4500 feet and sometimes she said it felt like they were not even moving. At the end they could not find anywhere to land, so their 45 minute flight lasted almost 1 1/2 hours! The traditional celebratory glass of champagne and free t-shirt rounded out the evening.