Busy Wednesday

Another busy Wednesday. Actually another busy week.

I attended a lecture during my lunch/dinner break tonight called “What’s in a Name?: The Adoption of ‘Genocide’ to Describe the Annihilation of the Armenians in 1915-1916” by Khachador Mouradian (Mouradian is a journalist, writer and translator). It was hosted by the Department of History and the CLA here at the U. It was interesting, if a bit long.  They had a good turnout for a Wednesday night talk. Unfortunately, I had to leave to get back to work so I was not able to attend the Q&A and the reception.

A few people have asked me what am I doing up in the Wangensteen Historical Library (where I am volunteering at this summer). The past few days I have been working on the Dead Doc files. If you are (sorry, if you were) a doctor here in Minnesota and are now dead, the chances are pretty good that you might be in the files (all those pretty blue boxes in the photo below). Its a great collection and goes back to some of the first doctors in the Minnesota territory. I have been coming across some wonderful photographs, which include some photos on glass plates, some 1800s doctors with wild and crazy beards, a couple of doctors dressed in the uniforms from WWII, and some doctor photos from that dark time we called the 1970s (lets just say that the 70s were not a kind time for clothing and hair styles. Scary, very scary!).