Boreas Interacting with the Media Workshop

Today was the Boreas Leadership Interacting with the Media Workshop. It was a really good workshop and it was fun to hear about the research of the other graduate students in attendance, as well as the stories from the reporters. The three members of the media talking to us about interviewing with the media were: Dave Gillette of the Twin Cites Public Television, Elizabeth Dunbar of the Minnesota Pubic Radio, and Ron Meador from MinnPost. Television, radio, and print. It was interesting to see how each one had a unique style and approached the mock interviews very differently. Here is the official blurb:

“The media is scary and out to get you! Just kidding. (At least if you’re not mired in scandal.) You have interesting stories to share. Stories that can help make the world a better place. And journalists can help you share your story, especially if you help them do their jobs. In this popular Boreas workshop, you’ll get to meet, conduct mock interviews with and learn from real, live reporters you’ve probably heard of. And they’ll give you feedback on how to pitch stories, prepare and give a great interview” (

My take away from the event: ‘keep your answers short and slow down’! Yes, I talk really fast and with a Minnesotan accent. Other suggestions from the three include: know who your audience is, when talking to the media the results you have today matter and not those in 5 to 10 years- which would matter in academia, think of analogies, tell stories, be engaging, summarize main ideas, be easy to find and contact, know the shape of the story ahead of the interview, think of things that could go wrong ahead of time, and practice the shorter answer.