Another busy Tuesday!

Tuesday was a busy morning filled with getting a hair cut and working on the Dead Doc files at the Wangensteen Historical Library, and Cece, a friend of mine, was going to the Weisman Art Museum Gift Shop to buy a birthday gift for a friend and asked if I wanted to go with. Well, I am not one to miss a chance to go to a Museum gift shop, so off we went. Cece ended up buying a lovely birthday gift and I ended up buying a “Crystal Garden Wish Flower” with Feng Shui Theme (I got the green theme which is water).

What is a “Crystal Garden Wish Flower” with Feng Shui Theme you may be asking? Is basically a grow your own rock crystals in a glass jar. I have tired to grow flowers before in my office, but as I work in a cave (well, underground if not exactly a cave. I am on the second floor of the library, which is all underground, so I see very little sunlight) and nothing wants to grow, so I thought this time I would try some rock crystals (maybe next time sea creatures). So you add in the crystal mix, the crystal egg and stir. Then in 24 hours it will start to grow! They should reach their maximum size in 12-15 days.

When we left the Museum we noticed that the U has purchased and put up some nifty bike racks that are people outlines (thats Cece in the outline).

[Update: The rock crystals did not grow and after two weeks I threw them out.]