28 Places to see before you die!

The new January Smithsonian Magazine has 28 places to see before you die! I have seen 4.


They are:

1. Mesa Verde (been there)

2. Pompeii

3. Tikal (done that)

4. Petra

5. Pyramids of Giza (had a great time there, my mom was also there but at a different time)

6. Taj Mahal

7. Easter Island

8. The Great Wall of China

9. Aurora Borealis – Alaska or Canada or above 60 degrees latitude (did not see these on my Alaska vacation, bummer)

10. Serengeti in Tanzania and Kenya

11. Iguazu Falls in Brazil

12. Machu Picchu, Peru (me and my sister went here)

13. The Louvre in Paris

14. Zen Garden of Kyoto

15. Uffizi Gallery in Italy

16. Fallingwater in Pennsylvania, Frank Lloyd Wright’s house (seen enough of his houses that I think I can skip this one)

17. Yangtze River, China and one that Pearl Buck called ‘the wildest, wickedest river!

18. Antarctica

19. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

20. Grand Canyon (my sister would not let us stop to see this great natural treasure)

21. Pagan, Myanmar – it will always be Burma to me

22. Parthenon

23. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

24. Ephesus, Turkey

25. Venice

26. Amazon River Forest

27. Great Barrier Reef

28. Galapagos Islands