Real shoes!

I am wearing two shoes! Two new shoes! I have not worn a ‘real shoe’ on the right foot since July due to having to wear the surgical boot and the surgical shoe. Unfortunately I had to buy one size too big due to continued foot surgery swelling and I need shoes because “winter”. I thought about buying two different sizes of the same shoe (regular size and one size bigger), but figured it would just be easier to wear a thicker sock on the normal foot. Plus it will be a good excuse to wear socks that don’t match. (Insert evil laugh here). Like I ever needed an excuse to wear mismatched socks.

Flying Seminar & Silent Auction

New Minnesota 99s Chapter Chair and ‘best instructor ever’ Cheryl Daml held a “How to work with ATC and FSS as a VFR Pilot” talk this morning at the Anoka (KANE) Airport EAA Building. You could register for FAA WINGs credit, but I totally forgot to register. Oh well. After the talk there was a silent auction and ALL the proceeds went to the Minnesota 99s Women Pilots Scholarship Fund. I won a Starbucks Giftcard.