Flying Seminar & Silent Auction

New Minnesota 99s Chapter Chair and ‘best instructor ever’ Cheryl Daml held a “How to work with ATC and FSS as a VFR Pilot” talk this morning at the Anoka (KANE) Airport EAA Building. You could register for FAA WINGs credit, but I totally forgot to register. Oh well. After the talk there was a silent auction and ALL the proceeds went to the Minnesota 99s Women Pilots Scholarship Fund. I won a Starbucks Giftcard.

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  1. Hi Melissa, I found my way to leave a comment….I’ll get used to your ‘new’ design….?
    I’m glad you got the Starbucks gift card.

    It was so incredibly good to see you. Even though I’ve missed the last couple of meetings, it sounds like you have as well. ‘Til the next meeting…Tracy