Why do I even bother?

Why do I even bother writing articles to be published? I mean, its not like I need them to get ahead at work. As a Circulation Supervisor in the University system you don’t need to publish and my part time jobs- adjunct faculty and reference librarian at two other universities do not require them. So why do I do it? Granted, they look good on my CV and when I eventually apply for a PhD program (which will not be in library science) it will look good, but still why go through all the hassle.

So what brings on this rant you might be asking? Well, a while back there was a call for articles for a librarian publication. So I sent in my two topics (you had to send in two) and they were approved. I then created a survey and sent it out to some Librarians I know, asking for their opinions, as well as doing some research. I wrote them up and submitted them to the publication editor. The editor then sent them back and asked me to make corrections, which I did. Then I was told one would not fit the book. Granted it was a bit on the fluffy side and a bit tongue in-cheek, but ok. I was asked, by the editor, to write on another topic. I said I would and then life got busy with work (one full time and two part time jobs), taking Arabic class, trying to work on the Master’s thesis, and writing a few book reviews, not to mention the holidays. So ok, I admit that I pushed the article aside, but when I see that the editor had extended the call for articles once again (it was like the 5th or 6th extension) and she never sent an email to me about getting it in, I figured I had time. Apparently not.

So yesterday I emailed the editor and she told me that yes she was still accepting articles, BUT because I did not get the last article in on time the topics have been covered. Yes, that’s right. Not only was my original topic (for which I did a survey and original research for) given away, but apparently the other topic she asked me to write on was also given away.

Sure I can always submit my paper to another publication and will probably do that. But I am still pretty pissed that someone would do that to me (take my topic, my idea and give it away to someone else) and not have the common courtesy to send me an email to let me know what was going on or even to get my work in on time (which is what a good editor would have done. I know I work with a few excellent editors on book reviews and have worked with other editors on articles and chapters). So let my sad little life lesson be a warning to you to get your work in on time. Grrrr!