Trying out ForeFlight

Today during my flying lesson, I was able to try out the new app I purchased for my iPad. Its called ForeFlight and it “provides access to high quality weather, airport intelligence, service providers, flight planning, and much more.” They also provide a huge selection of maps: “radar, satellite, IFR enroute (high or low), VFR sectional, flight rules, winds, temperatures, dew point spreads, ceilings, sky coverage, lightning,” etc.

So I was up flying up at 3700+ and Instructor Cheryl took the controls so that I could play around with the app. Our airspeed, GPS Altitude, direction and location worked very well and were pretty accurate. The Sundowner showed up on the map as a cute little blue airplane icon.

Its a great tool to have around when you are flying, getting ready to fly, or even not flying (as the weather maps are great!).


  1. hi melissa

    I noticed your post on FaceBook about the Ipad and foreflight app. You mentioned you were flying a Sundowner at the time. Hmmm, well what the heck.. I own a Sundowner

    Just thought I`d let you know that there is a web page called the Beech Aero Club that is quite useful if you need any info about the Sundowner. Also…I like your categories list


  2. Hi Ed,

    Thanks for your comments. I currently fly a 1982 C-23 Sundowner (its white and purple). I belong to a flying club and its one of the airplanes that members can fly (there is also a 172 Cessna, a Citabria and a Warrior). The Sundowner is wonderful, but now has a break problem (the right break on the left side is a bit mushy and here I thought it was my taxing!), so its getting some repairs.

    I think that ForeFlight has a great app. Have you used it? I was looking around at a few different ones and reading the various reviews out there in the flying magazines (seems everyone has an opinion). I did the free 30 day trial first and like it, so I purchased the app. I also tried to get a free trial for the WingX Pro 7, but I could not get it to work. So I not too sure whats up with them. I think this is just the beginning of some great aviation apps.

    Thanks for the info on the Beech Aero Club webpage. I will check it out.

    Haha, my categories list. It keeps changing as time goes on. I find one I like and then I change it when something better comes along. Must be the crazy librarian in me wanting to find the most accurate description!


  3. hi melissa

    I have a garmin 430w in my Sundowner…but I was thinking of putting another 430w in my plane…but the I-phone
    smartphone, i-pad and what ever else is coming down the pike has
    stop me dead in my tracks. Hmmm lets see.. the GPS did away
    with the VOR, DME, ADF etc. Does that mean the I-Pad might do
    away with the Garmin 200. Avidyne 500 etc?.. that is, with new updated features? This is beginning to look like SPY vs SPY in Mad magazine. As far as that new ADS-B.. if it ever comes it be.. were suppose to get free weather. Everything is
    changing so fast (avionics wise) that it`s hard to figure out what to figure out. Like the I-Pad 4G is suppose to come out in november which is a big leap forward. Do I wait or do buy now? Is foreflight coming out with new updated soon or should I buy now? etc.

    Cambridge.. did you know that name came from England?

    the Romans built a bridge over the river Cam. so they called it

    Cambridge…and a town was born. The Romans had a Fort



  4. Hi Ed,

    Its always hard to know if you should wait to buy the latest toy or wait for the next version. I did not know that there was a new iPad coming out in November, but I am not surprised. Just in time for the holidays. I tired ForeFlight the other day on my Delta flight. It finally clicked on at just below 10,000, but came and went until we landed. I had issues with my iPhone on the ground too, so it was probably something with ATT and not the program.