Tour of Temple Israel

This evening I was very fortunate to be able to have a tour and attend services at Temple Israel in Minneapolis. My friend architectural historian Marilyn attends Temple Israel, so she invited me to visit and after the services were over she gave me a tour of the building. I have never been inside a synagogue before, so I was very excited to visit.

If you have never been there, Temple Israel is a beautiful building built in the 1920s. They recently renovated the building and it’s an incredible space filled with light and an openness you do not expect when looking at the building from the outside. One can easily see in the architecture the influences of many different cultures from the holy land. I was able to meet Rabbi Zimmerman (a woman who wears these incredible high heels) and a few other members of the congregation. Everyone was very nice and they let me take photos of the building after the services were over.