The Librarian movie update

I really enjoyed the latest Librarian movie, The Librarian: The Curse of the of the Judas Chalice, which was on last Sunday Dec 7 (TNT is repeating it a few times if you missed it), as I know a bunch of my friends did (including a few librarians).

I emailed Stephen David Calhoun (you might recall that Stephen posted to my blog a while back), who played Nikolai, in The Librarian: The Curse of the of the Judas Chalice, about the movie and the soundtrack.

Stephen writes “I’m happy with the way that it turned out. I would have been even happier if all of my scenes had made the final cut. Oh well. The scene where they are saying good-bye was actually kinda’ funny because we were sitting just off of a dirt road and Noah and Stana were supposed to be looking at the sunset when they were actually looking at us. And they had to do it over and over and over. The songs… unfortunately, I cannot be much help there. I Can tell you that it IS Stana singing in the bar. She has a beautiful voice. She sang often in the make-up trailer. The only info that TNT will give is the same as was in the credits: Music clearances by Kathleen Merrill- The Parker Music Group. Also… it might be a lil tricky to find because not a lot of retailers carry a huge selection of soundtracks, but there IS a soundtrack for the movie. It might not become more widely available here until the DVD release. Please say “Hello” to everyone on your blog.”

Thanks Stephen for the update!

For anyone with a question for Stephen, he said that you can email him via his webpage