The Klingon Meet and Greet

Tonight was the ‘Klingon Meet and Greet’ hosted by the Commedia Beauregard.

This coming Friday is the Opening Night performance of “A Klingon Christmas Carol” and one of the charity events that they are doing is a Klingon adoption! So how could I not adopt my own Klingon?

I adopted: “Ghost of qeylIS Past (Ghost of Christmas Past) — Encompassing the spirit of the ideal Klingons of the past is a heavy burden to place on one so weak. Commedia Beauregard sees hope for the future in the “Past.”

So with the adoption you could go to a dress rehearsal (sadly I was not able to attend) and then tonight was the ‘Meet and Greet.’ I met Andrew N. ‘The Ghost of Christmas Past’ aka my adopted Klingon. Turns out Andrew was also the ‘Ghost of Christmas Past’ last year and was also in the production the year before that. Basically a veteran of the Klingon Christmas wars! Haha. I also got a chance to meet the Commedia Beauregard’s Artistic Director Chris Kidder and talked to the very funny Young SQuja’ (Young Scrooge) aka Neil S. (who for some reason I called Lane. Sorry Neil!). Besides beverages and munchies, they showed “‘Honor Quest: The Making of ‘A Klingon Christmas Carol,'” which is a documentary about last year’s show.

I had a good time and it was very fun to meet the cast (everyone I talked to was really nice) and watch the video.