The 90 Days of Katherine

1st Day (1/6/2010): Flowers from Melissa

So today is the first day of the ’90 Days of Katherine’! Katherine aka Kay is my Grandmother and in 90 days she will turn 90 years old! So to celebrate her birthday I have planned a 90th birthday celebration with my family. Everyday for 90 days someone will stop over to visit and bring Grandma a gift!

A few years ago when my mom turned 60, I did the ’60 Days of Carole.’ Everyday for 60 days Carole got a gift and each day added to the number of gifts. So day 1 was one gift, day 2 two gifts and so on. ‘The 60 Days of Carole’ was a huge success, so last fall I started to think about what to do for my Grandma’s birthday. I feel that 90 years is a big deal and thought that this time I would have my family participate with me. But this time its only one gift at a time, which makes it a bit more manageable.

So today I stopped over to Grandma’s house with flowers, a birthday card and a sheet that lists Day 1. I think she likes the idea. She did not yell at me, so that was a good sign. I am hoping that she will find it something fun to look forward to each day. And really, who would not love 90 days of getting gifts!

Grandma on Day 1
Grandma on Day 1


  1. Love your blog Melissa! I’m so excited for Grandma and her 90 days…what a great idea! I’m glad she didn’t yell at you on day one ūüôā


  2. Hi Anne,

    Thanks! I am happy she did not yell at me too! But she has not spoken to Carole or your parents yet, so there is still time!