The 90 Days of Katherine, Day 6

6th Day (1/11/2010): Crackers from Carole

So for each day I have been creating a sheet with a photo and the list of gifts and the person who has given them. Today’s photo is from the early 1970s (which was a scary dark time!).

So if you were looking at the sheet this is what it would look like:

The 90 Days of Katherine!

With Love from: Melissa, Carole & Terry, Michelle, Steve & Sue, Anne/Soren/Elsie/Margot, Stacey/Nathan/Gabe/Stella and Matt

6th Day (1/11/2010): Crackers from Carole
5th Day (1/10/2010): Stamps from Steve and Sue
4th Day (1/9/2010): Red Rose from Steve and Sue
3rd Day (1/8/2010): Lunch from Carole
2nd Day (1/7/2010): Ice cream treat from Steve and Sue
1st Day (1/6/2010): Flowers from Melissa

great grandma briski