Surgery part three!

Third time is the charm to fix my foot. Well lets hope! Fingers crossed!

Today I had surgery to remove the titanium toe joint (which was no longer working) and put in a new titanium piece with a bunch of little screws to fuse my big toe together. This is what we were trying to avoid with the two previous surgery, as there is nothing you can do after you fuse your toe together. Fusing means no movement, so no bending of the toe. So ends my dreams of being a prima ballerina, professional bowler, and wearing high heels. Haha! Actually I don’t care about these three things that require toe movement, so no great loss. I am just hoping for half the pain and half the swelling.

Surgery went well, the titanium joint basically slid out, as it was not connected to any bone, and luckily they did not have to use cadaver bone or take my own bone out to fill in the joint hole. Here I was worried about becoming part zombie for nothing. One cool thing I did notice was that almost the entire surgical team was female! Awesome!