Reviewing 2007 book reviews

Well it seems that this past year I have been very busy! Busier then I had thought. Just did the math and it seems I had published 17! Yes, 17 book reviews published! Wow!

This was up from 5 published in 2006. So I am well on my way to my ultimate goal of 100 published book reviews. Why 100 you ask? I just like the sound of 100 (other ‘goals of 100’ of mine include visiting 100 countries, living to be 100, 100 books a year, etc.)

More book reviews are in the publishing pipeline for 2008, but will I ever have 17 again? No idea. But in 2008 I should (keeping the fingers crossed that they made the final editorial cut) have some book chapters and hopefully a article or two published, so that will be very fun.