Plane Picnic

No flying today due to the rain and gray sky’s, but I did get to go to Key Air’s “Plane Picnic” today with my Instructors Cheryl and Bill and Sara, a member of the flying club. There was free food, you could take a ride in a flight simulator (which was pretty fun, but really nothing at all like real flying) and lots of lovely airplanes to look at. You could also register for door prizes and I actually won! I never win anything, but I won a t-shirt! Bill won a  survival kit (apparently pilots should carry a survival kit when they fly). Going to the Picnic was also really fun becuase Cheryl and Bill know tons of people. So I met some of their students, other instructors and people from the flying club, and some people that work at the local airport tower. I also ran into a few of the MN 99s. Also I finally got my own key to the Sundowner! How totally cool is that!