Pizza and a book signing Wednesday

I went to a lovely talk and book signing today by Jane Yolen at the Anderson Library. In honor of April being poetry month, Jane’s talk was called “Loving the Lyric Line: A Children’s Poet Talks About a Lifelong Love Affair with Poetry.” Yolen has written more then 300 books! How incredible is that! Her talk was great, very funny and she even had a story about a librarian who did not know she wrote poems, which she has turned into a poem! Photos below of Jane book signing.

It was also pizza Wednesday. Today’s pizza: 1/2 Bacon Cheeseburger (juicy hamburger, extra cheese and bacon. Dont you feel your arteries clogging over!) and 1/2 gyro (gyro meat, onions, tomatoes, and cucumber sauce). I was so looking forward to the gyro and I ended up hated it! Now I am not being picky, others did not like it either.