PhD In-Person Day #1

So beings the end of the semester In-Person!

I arrived in Gulfport last night to attend the second and final In-Person of the Fall Semester at the University of Southern Mississippi and my PhD program in International Development. Yesterday was a really long day with two different flights, but I did get to try out my new Delta Sky Club membership and their various airport lounges. Yes, they are very nice. When I was checking into the hotel they gave me an upgrade (so instead of a view of the parking lot, I now have a view of the pool and the beach) and they were giving out gift bags filled with munchies! How cool is that. Also this visit to Mississippi, I am carpooling with Madeline and the car she is renting is super new (new car smell and nice license plate). Its nice to be driven around in style!

Today we started out bright and early at 7:30 AM (did I mention 7:30 AM!!!) and had the Welcome and Breakfast at USM. Then I attended the presentations for the International Development Finance class. I am not taking the class, but my friend Issam is in the class, so Madeline and I want to cheer him on. He did a great presentation on “Foreign Aid and Economic Growth Indications in Palestine.” Actually all the presentations were very good. Lunch and a speaker were up next on the schedule. The speaker was Dr. Jon Bond of Texas A & M University and his talk was on the “Meaning of the Midterm Elections.” After lunch there was a great Academic Publications Workshop given by Dr. Sayre. Then instead of attending the Library Resources Workshop (I stopped at the library last time and I have used their resource before, and perhaps I am a library snob, but I am not impressed by the USM library), Issam, Madeline, and I walked around the campus and I took some photos of the Friendship Tree (which has survived over 500 years and many hurricanes. You are not suppose to stand on it or so the sign says. No tree police were around, as you can see).

Next up, supper (yes, they love to feed us at the In-Persons) and then back to the hotel to study. Tomorrow I take my finals!