PhD In-Person Day #1

Day 1 Friday August 19
7:30am Welcome and Breakfast – Dr. Butler
8:30-9:30am Study Abroad 2012 – Ukraine talk – Dr. St. Marie
9:30-10:30am Old/New Students Only Meeting
12:00-1:45pm Lunch and Presentation by Dr. Charles Sawyer “Institutional Quality and Economic Growth in Latin America”
2:00-4:00pm Conference Proposal – Dr. St. Marie
5:00-6:30pm Dinner and Peru Slideshow
6:30-7:30 Research Team Meetings – Dr. Butler

A busy and action packed day, which started way too early for the Welcome and breakfast at 7:30am! But it was a beautiful, overcast, hot, and humid day in Gulfport. Dr Sawyer’s lunch talk was very interesting. It was fun seeing all the old faces and meeting more of the new students. The new students did seem a bit stressed out and asked a lot of questions. I was probably the same way last year. Its weird to think that I have been in the PhD program now for one full year. Wow! Where did the time go?

After we were done for the day, Issam, Madeline, Brian, and I decide to face the curse of Shaggy’s once again! We had planned on going yesterday, but that did not work out. So off to Shaggy’s, where Jimmy Buffett was again playing on the radio (actually I think he is always playing) and had a good time.