On the way to Oprah

Today began our Oprah adventure! My mom, Janet (our family friend) and I left Minneapolis at 10am and finally arrived in Chicago at 7pm. That did include a few pit stops, lunch, and a huge traffic jam. Sadly the hotel ‘The Crowne Plaza’ is not as nice as one would expect from the webpage or the expensive prices, plus it cost $36 a day to park the car! Tomorrow is Oprah Wednesday and we have to be at the studio at 7am!


  1. Hey! I also stayed at the Crowne Plaza when I saw Oprah last week in Chicago. I met several people that were going to see Oprah that also stayed there. I thought it was a pretty nice hotel, but next time I would prefer to stay in the downtown area. But for Oprah, it was very convenient. Glad you had a good time!

  2. Hi Cory,

    What was your Oprah show about? Did you have a good time? Any free items? The Crowne Plaza is very convenient for Oprah, but I thought it was too expensive for what the room was actually like.