Omnifest 2011

Yes, its that time of the year again…Omnifest! Omnifest is a marathon of Omnitheater (aka Imax) films shown at the Science Museum of Minnesota. It runs about a little over a month and they show 5 different shows each day.

The past few years I have been attending Omnifest with my friend Susan, but Susan was not able to attend this year due to her daughter giving birth today (I know, very strange. Who gives up Omnifest tickets for the birth of their first grandchild! Haha. Congrats Grandma Susan!), so my friend Cece (leaving son and husband at home) braved the freezing temperatures and falling snow to attend Omnifest with me. We attended the last two shows of the night: “Tropical Rainforest” and “Hubble.” “Tropical Rainforest” was a bit dull and old (original released in 1992), but it had some beautiful scenery. “Hubble” on the other hand was fantastic! It was just released in 2010, was narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, and followed the Atlantis astronauts as they fixed the Hubble Space Telescope back in 2009. Check it out at