Obama Cube

So Melissa L-B challenged me to create the Obama Cube and as it was a slow day at the Reference Desk, I set about making my own Obama Cube.

This (see photo below) is the Limited Edition Election 08 Cube from Cubeecraft.com and it has directions which say: Carefully cut out the 5 shapes. Use a hobby knife to cut the white lines. Tape and glue not necessary. Thick paper is recommended.

Well…I dont like reading directions. And as I was at the Ref Desk I had no hobby knife, plus I only had regular paper and tape. I also ended up cutting off some of the tabs and not using some of the others.

So if you are going to attempt you own cube, heed my advise…use thick paper, enlarge the image  before you print, and use tape if you want to! Be a rebel (or a maverick! haha) and create your Obama Cube any way you want to.

For your very own Obama Cube to go: http://www.cubeecraft.com/character097.html  They also have a website filled with other people/characters you can cube, from Indy, to Mulder and Scully, to the TARDIS, to Hellboy. They are found at http://www.cubeecraft.com/index.html


  1. Haha! No printer? Well you are saving some trees!

    Ahh yes, the Obamiconme site. A lady at work (who also knits) sent me the url just yesterday!