My quest for non-polarized sunglasses!

Its been a busy week filled with little sleep, a few lectures, a little shopping, tons of grading, and a my quest for non-polarized sunglasses.

I went to two interesting lectures this week. The first was a webinar on Wednesday (11/18/09) called “Cut the Cord: Connecting to our Mobile Users.” It was hosted by the MLA (Medical Library Association), took place at the Bio-Med and describe technology that’s here and some up and coming items, like the coming battle between Apple and Google over cell phones and apps and control of the market. I also got a chance to hold a Amazon Kindle and a Sony Reader. I liked the Kindle more, but it was still a bit too big and its just not a book. So no, its not on my Christmas list (maybe 5 years down the road when its in color and smaller).

Then today (11/20/09) I went to the Third Annual Borchert Lecture, “Coastlines, Boundary Lines, and the Cartographies of Protection and Control” by Dr. Mark Monmonier. Its GIS Day (Happy GIS Day!) and it was an interesting lecture for the most part. I have two little degrees in GIS and Cartography and really like maps, so I thought it would be fun. The speaker was a bit more interesting when he strayed off topic and was not reading his lecture word for word.

I also continued my quest for non-polarized sunglasses. When you fly you are not suppose to wear polarized sunglasses (even the FAA mentions it), but finding some are a bit tricky. I tried on a few ‘aviation’ style sunglasses (think Top Gun) and they sucked! Such a bad design. So I am looking into other frames that come with non-polarized lenses. My quest continues…