My book review on a book!

I received the trade paperback copy of Frank Pope’s “Dragon Sea: A True Tale of Treasure, Archaeology, and Greed off the Coast of Vietnam” in the mail today (thank you to “Library Journal” for sending it my way) and guess what I read? On the first page are some press reviews for the book and if you turn it over you can see my review. How totally cool!!! Well, part of my review is there, they edited it a bit and just listed it as “Library Journal,” but still very cool!! To read my whole review check out .

Other book reviews of mine have turned up in odd places, like publishers websites (but strangely only the good reviews) and I always suspected that one of my reviews would turn up on a book, so its nice to see that I was right. I must keep my eyes open for more.



Dragon Sea


  1. Hi Rachel,

    LJ publishes calls for author’s right in the magazine. The most recent one I have seen is for readers of poetry. However you can go to their website and there is (or use) to be a contact name for people that would like to review.